Ashley Vizcarra: On Going

Ashley Vizcarra: On Going

Ashley Vizcarra (21) is sitting across from me in a rather trendy coffee shop about 10 minutes away from the school we both attend. Our table is covered with the standard college student paraphernalia: books, laptops, cell phones, and iced coffee. We are two of the 20ish students in the room. Despite the piles of schoolwork sitting on our table, we have gotten very little done, because Ashley is busy enthusiastically telling me about her upcoming trip.

I have gotten to know Ashley pretty well over the past year. On the surface she is many things: an Animal Science Student, a cowgirl, and a leader; but if you spend any time with her at all, you will realize that these labels don’t do justice.

What makes Ashley so special is her passion. She is genuinely excited about everything she takes part in, from school, to church, to friendship. In a society so often defined by apathy, it is honestly astounding to see how much she truly cares about everything she does. I am convinced she spends more time smiling in one week than I do in a year.

In 26 days, Ashley is going to Puerto Rico.

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